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You feel that your project is not progressing as you would like it to? You are looking for someone who has a lot of experience and is able to shed light on the problem from a different perspective? On my website you will find all information about me: who I am, what I am doing and what experiences I am bringing. I work concentrated and solution-oriented. Sounds good? Then let's talk! 


Martinelli il Mixologist

Each person brings something different to the team, but there are a core set of values we all share.
Our staff and up-selling training for a focused and accurate work behind the bar, in a short time with us.


opening concept

 It’s actually a good idea to keep your menu short, since most people don’t read very much on the menu.
Our opening strategies are simple and innovative for new Bar and Restaurants concepts worldwide.

What makes you unique? and how can you make a wow effect for your Guest in the Bar or Restaurant?

opening Reference 

Opening April /15

My work at the SYTE Bar & Lounge

Bar Coaching - Team Coaching - Mixing Drinks - Staff forming & Coaching.

The SYTE Bar 

stands for urban charm, an informal atmosphere and a social experience. 

Opening October /16

My work at the Roof Bar by Radisson Blu.

Bar Consulting - Mixing Drinks Development -  

Staff forming & Coaching. 

the ROOF Bar has an amazing rooftop terrace in the heart of the city. with Modern and urban style drinks.

Opening September /18

My work at the ELLA & LOUIS Bar

Bar, Mixing Drinks Development/ Consulting - Staff forming & Coaching.

ELLA & LOUIS stands for Ella fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong for passion to the jazz scene.

Opening January /18

My work at the SCHILLING Bar

Bar Consulting, Mixing Drinks, Development - Staff forming & Coaching.

SCHILLING ROOF Bar has an amazing 360 grad view of two floors. First floor are a Cocktail bar and the second floor are a Sushi Restaurant.

Opening June /21

My support for the opening of Salon Ruppel Bar

Bar - Mixing Drinks - Drinks Development.
Salon Ruppel has a team of 2 Players. One behind the bar and the other recommending the drinks. A small bar menu and unusual ingredients, all in a nostalgic flair.

Reopening Bar 20/21

My support for the Reopening

Bar - Mixing Drinks - Drinks Development -Coaching - Staff training
Villa Toskana has a bar team of 3 Players. One behind the bar and the other recommending the drinks. A small classic bar from the early 21 century

Opening / 22

My support for the Opening

Guest Bartender - Drinks Development - Coaching Staff training



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