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Bottle drinks

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Local cocktail angelo martinelli

Cheers!!‘‘That’s how my normal working day starts. The glass has not only liquid alcohol inside, it also has
a story and people who stand behind every produced bottle.
I prefer the local products. I am lucky to have all these regional distiller’s around me.
For me is important how each distillery process works. Only in this way I can create the perfect LOCAL DRINK.
The ingredients  for the  Drinks are  a homemade Spiced liqueur, (local) Vermouth and alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot alcohol-free and a single malt Whisky from the black forest.
Taking the Whisky, Gin and Vermouth as the main components, I replace the  big known  brands in the industry.
The local ingredients are not the mainstream and they give the unforgettable taste to the Local Cocktails. We bartenders know that the low alcoholic cocktails and aperitif drinks are the new trend. My local drinks is the part of them.

LOCAL NEGRONI : 2oo ml. 17% Alc.

homemade Spiced liqueur 37% Alc. (coloring)
Sauvignon Blanc 0% Alc. (sulfur dioxide)
Vermouth 18% Alc. (sulfit)

LOCAL CEDRO GIN : 2oo ml. 47% Alc.

London dry gin 47% Alc.
Primofiore, Cedro natural aroma
Methode :compound gin
Included Tonic water from aqua monaco (biologic and vegan)


Local Single Malt Whisky 43% Alc.
Vermouth 18% Alc. (Sulfit)
Merlot 0% Alc. (sulfur dioxide))
Cherry syrup

ORANGE FLOWER LIQUEUR : 2oo ml. 25% Alc.

Local Vodka 37,5 % Alc.
Sugar, Vanilla from Tahiti, Cinnamon, from Sri lanka, Italian orange blossom.

BERRY & CHERRY : 2oo ml. 17% Alc.

Wild Cranberries liqueur 37,5% Alc., Merlot 0 % Alc, Coffee Robusta Cherry beans, 
Chinotto, red vermouth.
(Sulfur dioxide, Sulfite, coloring, caffeine)

ab 18 Jahre ist der Konsum von Alkohol erlaubt!
legal drinking from 18 years!

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